Terroirist.wine, by Amsterdam based company Go Good, is a web platform for distribution of authentic, natural and bio-dynamic wines. Embracing much more than our own import we also offer fine wines imported by colleagues, partners and friends. All wines are produced by passionate winemakers recognizing the importance of terroir and the rules of nature.

While there are some 1400 known wine grape varieties, nearly 80 percent of the wines worldwide are made of only 20 kinds of grapes.
Reason to collaborate with winegrowers that cherish working with their native varieties. They preserve the unfamiliar grapes, obscure grapes if you want, with sometimes strange and hard-to-pronounce names. It is hardly a surprise that these winemakers are often the same ones committed to organic and biodynamic farming, to hand harvesting and natural winemaking techniques with maximum respect for a specific terroir.

We are fond of their low-yield production and minimal intervention approach. Every vintage owns a noticeably different personality and we appreciate that. Wine is on its best when the skillful and brave winemaker is able to take a step back, respect nature, remove the artist’s signature from the wine and just let each year sing to its own beat.