Matassa time!

Even if it’s not in our portfolio Domaine Matassa is one of the winerys you can’t let go.
Hard core natural,  terroir driven wine from Calace in Roussillon, south of France.
With emphasis on local grape varieties, like Macabeu, Grenache Gris, Muscat Petit Grain, Carignan, satisfaction is guaranteed for the pure pleasure seeker.

Matassa, named after a nearby river, was founded 20 years ago by New Zealander Tom Lubbe.
We could say it’s quite a young domain but it is to be appreciated how a dedicated, persistent winemaker can manage to get so much quality – some even iconic wines in just two decades.
If there is still somebody out there having doubts about natural wines, a close encounter with Matassa will surely convert them.

Our tasting lineup
Matassa – Marguerite 2018
Matassa – El Carner Rouge 2018
Matassa – Brutal 2018
Matassa – Cuvée Romanissa 2018
Matassa – Voodou 2011
Matassa – Rouge 2018

Marquete 2018 aromatic and fragrant and Voodou 2011 rare and exclusive, velvety tannins,great combinations of black fruit and sun dried herbs are personal favorites.
But all others are unique, every one in its own way. You would not want to miss any of them. Every label and every vintage tells its own amazing story.

Photos by Marcel de Cocq

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